Kiss veneering ceramics

Reduced number of ceramic masses

Fewer materials without sacrificing quality
The accurate categorization of the initials and dentines and the universal mixing scheme makes for high aesthetic veneers without any quality loss: Use only 73 materials to do 100% of all jobs. The reduced number of materials benefits your bottom line.

Perfect aesthetics

More shade fidelity
Optimized shade pigments enhance the shade fidelity of Kiss, similar to the V-shades. This also largely eliminates the problem of differences in shade appearance under different lighting conditions.

Opalescent effect remains intact
With Kiss, this effect – and with it the natural dynamic appearance – remains intact thanks to the patented manufacturing process used for the Kiss opalescent.

Simple and safe

Secure processing using a simple system
for basic and custom build-ups.

Exactly matched shades across ceramic lines
Easy processing of different framework materials possible in the same patient case.

Uniform build-up system for all framework materials
No extra training cost or learning curve when switching from one framework material to another.

Cercon ceram Kiss

Cercon ceram Kiss
Specifically for zirconia

Choosing Cercon ceram Kiss gives you a ceramic veneering material developed specifically for zirconia frameworks. Cercon ceram Kiss is equally well suited for use on frameworks made of Cercon base and Cercon ht. Whether or not you use the liner is entirely up to you. It serves exclusively to prime the framework. Leaving it off has no negative effect on the bond between the framework and the veneering ceramics. No liner is needed for Cercon ht: the ht dentines are special materials that optimally highlight to the excellent translucency of the material.