The Kiss veneering concept

The Kiss veneering concept The Kiss veneering concept The Kiss veneering concept

Materials and shades

100% of jobs with only 40 materials

All V shades can be produced with the 40 materials shown here, without any mixing at all. Our six incisals allows a better representation of the V shades in the incisal area. All liners are precisely adjusted to the respective basic shade. Their fluorescence levels are adapted to the different shade intensities and, consequently, to the natural tooth model. A superb base for your daily work – effortless success for almost everything you attempt.

Fluorescent Power Chromas

The six fluorescent Power Chromas can reproduce the bulk of all cervical and mamelon effects as well as increases in chroma. Simple 1 : 1 mixtures between these Power Chromas results in an additional 15 intermediate shades.
Intelligent mixing for highly varied shades Economical 3-mass build-up
Custom incisals, opal effects and multifunctional

The individual incisals within the Kiss system allow the emulation of all natural opalescent and fluorescent effects. These highly fluorescent materials are designed for the inner layers, covering the liner even where space is at a premium, while at the same time increasing value in the incisal area. White Surface (WS) is a whitish opalescent effect used to increase surface value (brightness).

The Stand-by multifunctional material is a strongly transparent opal effect that is one of the keystones of the Kiss system. It can be used by itself or mixed with any other materials. The three opal effects, Ocean, Sky and Fog, control value and opalescence in bluish and greyish incisal regions. Sunset and Sunrise are suitable for incisal characterization and for subdued transparent chroma gradations in the body region.
Opal effects Natural opalescent
Four gums

By mixing Gum 1 to Gum 4 with selected effects (see chart), natural gingival effects can be emulated very closely and simply.
Four gums Four Gums