Aesthetic Line Basic


All V shades can be produced with the 40 materials shown here, without any mixing at all. Our six incisals allows a natural representation of the V shades in the incisal area.

All liners are precisely adjusted to the respective basic shade. Their fluorescence levels are adapted to the different shade intensities and, consequently, to the natural tooth model. A superb base for your daily work – effortless success for almost everything you attempt.
The simpler, the safer, thats Kiss Basic bulld-up techniqe in the anterior region

Aesthetic Line Custom

The difference between a basic build-up technique and a custom build-up technique should be recognizable, yet easy to achieve. The systematic Kiss approach was designed to help you aspire to – and reach! – the ultimate level of quality in dental technology. The Kiss concept offers a variety of nuanced shades to reproduce natural-looking teeth.
If very thin layers must be used or in aesthetically challenging cases. the framework can be covered with the highly fluorescent Flu Inside. Gray Inside is a fluorescent dentine that can be used to compensate for high-value framework aspects in the incisal region. This will scatter and reflect the light in the critical transition area from the framework/coping to the ceramic veneer and optically conceal the incisal edge of the coping.
The Kiss concept Custom build-up technique in the anterior region